Thistle Finch Distillery is offering delivery to the Commons Food Hub for pick up with the rest of your local goods in one place - a safe and convenient alternative to crowded grocery stores.

Pick up is available every Wednesday and Saturday between 11am and 2pm.

Orders must be placed by 12:00am (Midnight) a full day before Pickup.

Lancaster Pickup Instructions - 315 E Marion St. Lancaster

  1. Pick up will be from 11am - 2pm every Wednesday and Saturday.
  2. Pull into the parking lot and open your own trunk or side door. Please return to your car once opened. 
  3. A member of our team will ask for your First and Last name and then retrieve your items.
  4. Please have your ID available
  5. Once they've placed all items in your car, please close your own trunk.


  1. Delivery within Lancaster City & Lititz will go out between 12 - 4pm every Tuesday and Saturday. Please review our Delivery Boundaries before placing your order.
  2. Your delivery driver will leave items at your front door, knock, and step back at least 6 feet. They will wait until you answer the door and then will walk away. If you live in an apartment with an entry, please provide your Cell phone number in the notes field.
  3. Please leave additional delivery instructions in the Notes field or as a note on your door.

Food Hub Vendors:

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